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:Robert Toru Kiyosaki

Good quality chicken wire for sales
Good quality chicken wire for sales
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:Robert Toru Kiyosaki

Mr. Robert Kiyosaki revealed that the world can be divided into four different types of people from the perspective of income sources. He put people in four quadrants of the rectangular coordinate system, the upper left quadrant is called "employee" (Employee), the lower left is called "small businessman or freelancer" (Self-employee), the upper right It is "Business owner", and the bottom right is "Investors". For the most part, people in each quadrant are accustomed to arranging their own lives and work with their families in similar ways, he said. But in terms of income sources, they are very different, and their lives are also very different. What exactly does Robert Kiyosaki want to say, let's take a look:

Quadrant E - Salary

"Fighting alone, eating by ability;

Put in a labor, earn an income. "

Salarymen often say, "Find a job and do it well." It's not easy to have a job these days. In order to gain an unbeaten foothold in the workplace, everyone constantly equips themselves. But no matter how hard you work, you don't always earn enough money, and your expected income is limited. There are more and more wage earners looking to have an extra income outside of their regular jobs. Their biggest expenses are education for their children and buying a house. For many people, these two expenses alone can be very stressful. With the advent of an aging society, many households are expected to spend more. Salary workers are also increasingly cautious about spending their money. Salary workers are often afraid to think about what will happen after 40, maybe they will suddenly make a fortune? Maybe it is still the same? Or worse and worse?

It can be seen that the wage earners work alone and rely on their ability to eat. Work for your boss and earn your own money. One job, one income. You can hear from them, "What are you talking about freedom, travel, it would be nice to have a guarantee for your family's future expenses." Their lives are often passive.

In general, these people look forward to life changing, but many just "hope" and don't practice it. Salarymen often attribute their poor life to "the boss is stingy", "no good opportunities", etc. When they see good opportunities, some people seize them and gradually leave this quadrant; while others Is afraid to change, afraid of failure, thinking too much.

In real life, most people start from the salary class. Many rich people in the world grow up in very poor environments, but those who dare to change gradually leave the salary class, and those who dare not change live blindly. For a lifetime, and comfort myself by saying, "Success is always a matter of a few people", "Most people live like this", "Money is not everything, it doesn't matter if you don't have money, you can spend enough." "I was born with this life" and so on. The idea of ​​conformity is the fundamental reason why the working class has not turned around. Only by changing the idea of ​​​​the working class and developing in the direction of the few can they change their lives.

S Quadrant – Small Businesses and Freelancers

"There are helpers, but you have to rely on yourself;

Put in a labor, earn an income. "

Small businessmen and freelancers take a big step in life by being their own bosses and doing it themselves. Get some help when you are overwhelmed. I hope that life can be more secure and more independent. However, it is difficult for them to give more trust to the "helpers". As a result, no matter how many helpers, they will still find, "You have to rely on yourself for anything." Their business also fluctuates due to individuals. When the energy is high, the business may be booming; when the body collapses, the business will go out of business. It can be summed up in one sentence: "Business is good, people fail; business is bad, stores fail." When you have money, you worry that money will slip away; In their view, there are ups and downs in business, and everything is unpredictable. When others see that they are rich, they really don't feel happy.

As you can see, small businessmen and freelancers are still largely alone. Sometimes employees work for themselves, and sometimes they work for employees. They have tasted the ups and downs of being a "boss". Life is active and active, passive and passive.

So these bosses often think "how can the business develop steadily"?

Well, let's summarize the two quadrants on the left first.

People in these two quadrants are more often alone and rely on their ability to eat. One labor, one reward. Not independent and not free, in a subordinate position in the social economy. These two quadrants account for about 95% of the world's population. , of which more than 80% are in the E quadrant;

So how do the other 5% make money and live? Next, let's see how the people in the two quadrants on the right differ:

Quadrant B - Enterprise (system) owner

"Build a business system and build assets;

A hard work that continues to benefit. "

These people look at the ups and downs of the business sea, understand the aspirations of the people, and know what Dinghaishenzhen is. They recruit good people, make the best use of their talents, and are confident in doing business. They focus on what generates consistent revenue and how to do it. Even after setbacks, they remain enthusiastic. They work tirelessly to build a business system and accumulate assets. The business is stable and rising, the income is continuous, and the mentality is also quite rich.

At present, there is not much recognition of system owners in society, but they do not lack trust in themselves, others and society, and they are brave in developing business. The society is full of vitality because of them, and moves towards orderly management. For them, work is a pleasure and a career. They give life and enjoy life.

Quadrant I - Investors

"Invest in business systems to consolidate and expand assets;

A hard work that continues to benefit. "

Many people are now willing to contribute capital to participate in investment activities, and this group is ostensibly expanding, but real investors are still rare. They have the qualities of a business/system owner who can identify potential business leaders and know what constitutes a reliable asset and an effective business operating system. They put their money where the right people are doing the right things to preserve and increase its value. What they want is to cooperate with each other, strengthen others, and achieve themselves. The phenomenon of "the rich get richer" is most fully manifested in them.

They walk through life and enjoy unlimited freedom.

We also summarize the two quadrants on the right:

These two quadrants account for only 5% of the world's population, but they are confident and willing to put their trust in others. They focus on building or supporting reliable assets and business systems, increasing the leverage of wealth in their hands. They put in a hard work, in exchange for continuous income. Their lives are free and autonomous, bringing vitality and order to the economy and society, and everyone can enjoy this benefit.

Now we can understand that what Robert Kiyosaki wants to say is that financial freedom can bring freedom in life. To achieve financial freedom, you must have the qualities of a business owner, pay attention to your assets, and build your business system. Finally, I sincerely wish everyone to become a business owner and live a free and independent life.

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