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Good quality chicken wire for sales
Good quality chicken wire for sales
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The meeting was convened today in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal federations of trade unions on the "Circular on the Holding of the "Chinese Dream, The Beauty of Labor -- Welcoming the Twenty Great Achievements and The New Era of Meritorious Service" and the "Cloud" Games for Workers of Hebei Province", and to remobilize and redeploy the work of the "Cloud" Games in the education system. Our county education system has a large number of staff, high overall quality, good team spirit and strong execution, in order to promote the "cloud" sports games in the education system in depth, I will make a few comments.
First, fully understand the significance of carrying out the "cloud" sports meeting for employees
The provincial and municipal federations of trade unions arranged the deployment of the workers' "cloud" sports meeting, in order to welcome the party's twenty victories, promote the full implementation of the "healthy China" strategy, create a healthy and civilized, uplifting, full participation of the staff culture, unity and leadership of the province's staff and workers with more high morale, full of enthusiasm, vigorous vitality, to accelerate the construction of a modern economic province, beautiful Hebei to make contributions, this staff "cloud" games is an innovative measure to adapt to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, participating employees do not gather, do not meet, Not limited by time and space, make full use of the advantages of "cloud computing" and the Internet, to meet the needs of employees' sports and fitness to the greatest extent, and enhance the physical fitness of employees.
Second, extensively organize and educate workers to participate
The first is to actively publicize and launch. Through various forms such as meetings and WeChat, let each employee understand the significance, operation methods and standard process of carrying out the "cloud" sports meeting, and create a strong atmosphere of everyone participating, supervising each other, and striving to be a fitness expert.
The second is to choose a good administrator. All school districts and schools should carefully select comrades with a strong sense of responsibility and high professional quality to serve as administrators of various sports groups, be responsible for guiding and supervising the staff and workers of their units to meet the standards, and upload the standards of each sports groups to the "Education System Sports WeChat Group" on time.
The third is the full participation of all employees. All units should mobilize the broad masses of staff and workers to participate in the activities of the "Cloud" Games and strive to achieve a 100 percent participation rate.
Third, strengthen organizational leadership and daily management
All units should attach great importance to it, and the principal responsible comrades should personally plan, personally deploy, and personally promote, make it clear that special personnel are responsible, extensively mobilize the active participation of all grass-roots units and workers, take the work of carrying out the "cloud" games as an important starting point for improving the cohesion, centripetal force, cultivating team awareness, and striving for first-class work, make full use of the effective carrier of the "cloud" games of employees, enhance the spirit of the staff and workers, condense positive energy, show a good style, and enable the majority of employees to have a healthy mentality, a comfortable mood, and a strong physique. Play the role of the main force for the high-quality development of education in our county.
The county federation of trade unions should continue to strengthen the guidance for all units to carry out the "cloud" sports meeting, so as to achieve the goal of "double hundred" in the participation rate and the standard attainment rate, promptly help all units solve the problems and difficulties encountered, ensure the orderly development of this activity, and greet the successful convening of the party's "Twentieth National Congress" with excellent results.


Pub Time : 2022-06-30 07:35:20 >> News list
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