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fence wire mesh

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Good quality chicken wire for sales
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fence wire mesh

1. Roadside protective barbed wire is generally laid according to the height of the fill, the slope slope, and the situation of the protected objects. Before laying, you should be familiar with the route along the line, the design of the bridge and culvert, and consider it as a whole.

Second, the road and bridge joint is the focus of guardrail laying. Concrete wall guardrails are generally used on large and middle bridges, which have a rigid and flexible transition process when connected with corrugated beam guardrails, which should be paid attention to. The corrugated beam guardrail should be reinforced at this time and firmly connected with the wall-type guardrail. In order to avoid the influence of expansion joints on the bridge, a section of wall guardrail can be added to the bridge abutment.

3. Special consideration should be given to providing openings in emergency telephone sites for roadside highway protective barbed wire to properly protect telephone facilities.

Fourth, interchange ramps should generally be equipped with corrugated beam guardrails. When the curve radius is less than 70m, the usual guardrail panel (single block length 4m) can no longer be used, and special curved beams should be used. When designing, the number of bending beams should be counted separately according to different radii.

5. In the section with a high retaining wall, whether the foundation of the guardrail column is firm should be considered. For safety reasons, a wall protective barbed wire can be installed.

6. Guardrails should also be set up in the tunnel and properly connected with the protective barbed wire outside the tunnel.

7. When the central separation belt adopts corrugated beam to protect the barbed wire, the cooperation with the embedded pipeline under the central separation belt must be fully considered. If a separate guardrail is used, the contradiction between the guardrail column and the embedded pipeline should be prevented at the opening of the central partition belt, and attention should also be paid to sharp bends.

8. The use of corrugated beam with anti-resistance block to protect the barbed wire mesh not only increases the deformation ability of the barbed wire, but also moves the column back, so as to ensure that the vehicle first hits the barbed wire plate, to prevent the wheels from being tripped by the barbed wire column, the safety performance is high, the design should try to use the highway protective barbed wire to determine the position of the column during installation.

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