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Good quality chicken wire for sales
Good quality chicken wire for sales
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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's annual afforestation area has exceeded 100 million mu.

Carrying out voluntary tree planting for all people is an effective way to promote land greening. In 1981, China adopted the Resolution on Launching a Nationwide Voluntary Tree-Planting Campaign. The following year, the State Council promulgated the Implementation Measures on Launching the Nationwide Voluntary Tree Planting Campaign.

From the beginning of Arbor Day in 1982 to December 2021, a total of 17.5 billion school-age citizens in China participated in voluntary tree planting, planting a total of 78.1 billion trees (including conversion). The civilized fashion of loving green plants and protecting greenery, and the awareness of responsibility for afforestation continue to increase.

In recent years, the National Greening Committee has issued the Measures for the Management of Due Diligence Forms of Voluntary Tree Planting for All People (Trial), which has expanded the forms of due diligence to more than 50 kinds of eight categories, including afforestation and greening, care and management, seed adoption, donation of funds and materials, and volunteer services.

China continues to innovate methods and methods of voluntary tree planting, and "Internet + voluntary tree planting for all people" has been fully promoted. Many places have built a platform for greening subscription and adoption, launched donation projects such as the adoption of ancient and famous trees, carried out various forms of themed tree planting activities, and built commemorative forests.

From the introduction of drone fly-seeding afforestation and grass planting technology to enriching plant allocation models, various places have explored the use of scientific and technological means to increase greenery and carefully protect greenery. In Inner Mongolia, the minimally invasive airflow planting method of planting a tree in 10 seconds covered the continuous sand dunes with green clothing; In Tianjin, the newly developed green ecological barrier comprehensive supervision platform can monitor the changes of water and grass in forest fields in real time, reducing the cost of greening and green protection.

"Green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains". A good ecology contains infinite value. Saihanba, once "yellow sand covers the sky, birds have no habitat", after the efforts of generations of foresters, has now built a million-mu plantation forest, becoming the world's largest plantation forest, with an average annual income of 100,000 yuan.

Over the past 40 years, the three generations of Babu Sand Forest Farm in Gansu Province have successively completed more than 250,000 mu of sand control afforestation, managed and protected 430,000 mu of sand and afforestation grass, combined sand pressing afforestation with sand cultivation industry and ecological economy, and achieved a win-win situation of economic and ecological benefits.

From "sand in people retreating" to "green entering and retreating", China's green territory is constantly expanding. The area of desertification land has increased from an average of 10,400 square kilometers per year at the end of the last century to an average annual decrease of 2,424 square kilometers.

"The level of land greening has been continuously improved, the ecological environment has been significantly improved, and a win-win situation of ecological and economic benefits has been achieved." Qu Jianjun, a researcher at the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "Such green development is a distinctive feature of the process of Chinese-style modernization. ”

The road of land greening in China is to adhere to the principle of natural restoration, combine artificial restoration with natural restoration, promote the overall protection, system restoration and comprehensive treatment of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand, and take the road of scientific, ecological and thrifty greening.

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